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In this lap, I configured HSRP to make the R2 is backup of R1, but I want to change HSRP to GLBR that is using load balance that is meaning R1 and R2 will operate in the same time with 2 lines (between R1&ISP and between R2&ISP) with 2 ISPs. Is that meaning Now the speed of my connection between LAN branch and HQ is improved ???? and if (no) how to use the 2 lines in the same time to improve my speed?


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In your diagram, you have one PC. GLBP will not help you there.

If you have many PCs, GLBP might help assuming:

  1. If your routers are performing NAT, they are using separate address space.
  2. There is sufficient bandwidth at your HQ for the entire load of this site.
  • Thank you for your replying. And yes I have a lot of devices in this branch But I don't have NAT already, I use BGP protocol between LAN and HQ through a frame-relay tunnel, That may change anything ?? Feb 12, 2018 at 18:26

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