How can i perform static routing from router A to reach network in the below diagram(please don't ask why do i need two routers between them). All the example of static routing i have found shown,how to perform static routing from Router B to reach network.

Any kind of help will be highly appreciated. enter image description here

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A static route is added to the routing table of a certain device. It needs to be added on all relevant routers. Alternatively, a routing protocol can be used to make the routers exchange their routing table information.

In your diagram, routers A and B require a (static) route to the subnet behind router C, and router C requires a route back to A.

If there are any more networks behind any of the routers, these need to be configured on the non-local routers as well.

Usually, there's a default route pointing in some direction, so you wouldn't really require specific routes that point in the same direction.


Every router in the path makes its own routing decision, so you need to configure a static route on every router. The last-hop router already has an entry for the local subnet, so a static route is not needed there.

Don't forget to configure routes from the destination back to the source.

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