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An addendum to you solution Bardi. Point-to-point Ethernet links should not have the interface as the destination because it can cause the router to generate more ARP traffic to find a packets destination. It’s a best practice not to specify the interface as the destination when configuring a static route (unless your using a point-to-point DSL or Serial ...


Layer2 devices are not feasible to configure ip address beacuse the IPaddress is layer3 construct .ip address cannot be configured on layer2 switch ports. It's feasible to configure ip address for accessing switch with management IP address VLAN can be created and assign ip address to Vlan .


For directly connected networks route entry will be Automatically created in layer3 devices . For other networks static and dynamic route entries should be manually Configured to route the packet towards destination .


Over the years, Cisco has supported various protocols, and has had ACLs for the various protocols, each with a number range for the numbered ACLs (today, we mostly use named ACLs)*: +-----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Protocol | Range | +------------------...


Mostly all manageable Switches of cisco supports Vlans . There are unmanaged switches where Vlans are not supported. Basically all manageable switch acts as unmanaged switch if we don't Configure anything . By default Vlan 1 is used if manage switch left un configured.


Copy your new IOS to device, then conf t boot system flash bootflash: cat4500e-universal.SPA.03.11.03a.E.152-7.E3a.bin do write Check your configuration do show run | i boot If you see there two or more boot statement, then delete all old statements: no boot system flash bootflash:cat4500e-universalk9.SPA.03.04.04.SG.151-2.SG4.bin do write Now you should ...


We have alot of Cisco 800 Series routers and the same issue. I create a TCL script that i scheduled on the router to run, so it would read out the xDSL synched upload bandwidth and configure the policy map accordingly. Here is the script: # Create empty variables because TCLshell is not very bright set errlevel 0 # Set the amount of percentage that the ...


Your requirement seems to be inbound traffic ,Wants to access servers hosted in inside networks from outside networks . To establish this connectivity static natting has to configure in edge device or perimeter device . Static NAT Routet(config)# ip nat inside souce static 192.168 .3.50 X.X.X.X eq 8080 Router(config)#ip nat inside souce static 192.168 3.51 X....


To ensure communication between three networks .make sure correct and proper routing is in place .. Router0 Router0(config)#ip route subnet mask 255.255 .240.0 pointing towards gateway Router0(config)#ip route subnetmask pointing towards gateway In Router1 Router1(config)#ip route


To find the interface status on switch to know which interfàce are on used Switch(config)# show interfàce brief This command displays interfàce status on switch To find more visibility of specific interfàce interfàce ethernet 0/1

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