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Is it safe to enable jumbo frames on switches in general

Can any harm occur by simply enabling jumbo frames on your switch infrastructure? Depends on your definition of harm. On modern switches, there's no impact usually. But it doesn't do anything either ...
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Does MTU setting affect sending, receiving, or both?

Setting MTU on your end will also affect any connections made from you, at least for TCP. The SYN-ACK handshake sets Max Segment Size, which is based off MTU of the interface. Thus, return packets ...
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Question about MTUs vs maximum frame sizes - what is their difference?

They are not the same. MTU is the largest possible size of something that can be communicated in a single NETWORK LAYER transaction. For example, if you are using IP, then the IP header size plus the ...
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IP fragmentation and PMTUD

The ICMP header is at the beginning of an IP packet. Since fragmentation doesn't change the IP packet itself, the header needs to be present in the first fragment. Whatever you think you've seen must'...
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